Hey Arnold Hey

Hey Arnold Hey is a critical analysis podcast dedicated to an in-depth cultural and literary conversation based around the popular 90's cartoon, Hey Arnold. 

Corey and Adam embrace 90's nostalgia by talking through every episode of Hey Arnold! Join them as they unpack the themes and narratives of this perfect cartoon, and realize that there is a little football-head in all of us. 

Corey Vaughan is mostly a photographer with an interest in comedy, pop culture and board games. You can see his work in Boat Magazine, and his recent feature on Refinery29. See more of his sincere and earnest photography at coreyvaughan.com. 

Twitter: @corey_vaughan / Instagram: @corey_v

Adam Samaha is a writer-reporter, and likes to nerd out about politics, books, current events, and music. Learn more at adamjsamaha.com

Instagram: @adamjosephsamaha